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A Dive into Healthcare AI: Welcome to J-Clinic's New Blog

In this newly minted blog, we'll share a behind-the-scenes look at the latest advancements in healthcare AI.

In the news, we constantly hear stories of breakthroughs in healthcare AI. From diagnostics to real-time non-invasive monitoring to personalized treatment recommendations, AI is transforming healthcare in unprecedented ways. In many cases, emerging technologies not only match human abilities but also outperform our best experts. Despite rapid scientific advancements, very few patients today are benefiting from these technologies. At J-Clinic, we are striving to change the status quo. We represent a diverse group of MIT researchers who work on vastly different problems in the intersection of life sciences, healthcare, and AI - spanning mechanistic biology to clinical care. Our research is inspired and grounded in the local healthcare and biotech environment, where we implement our tools in a real clinical setting in hopes of raising the standards for patient care locally and worldwide. In this blog, we hope to share our bird's-eye view of AI in healthcare, especially where technology enters the clinic and pharmaceutical industry. As we highlight work at J-Clinic and beyond, we’ll describe the current state of AI - and where we think it’s headed - to the general public. While a wide-sweeping view is important, on-the-ground stories can be equally insightful. Scientific literature is a storehouse for data and results, but a host of other lessons go unpublished. Our blog will feature stories from behind-the-scenes, including current challenges and lessons learned. We’ll seek expertise from both researchers and doctors to present not only a machine-learning perspective but also a clinical point-of-view. It is becoming increasingly important for doctors and patients to know what AI is and is not doing for healthcare. Patients will need to decide whether to contribute their personal data to AI projects. They may also need to decide whether to have AI be a part of their own care. Simultaneously, regulatory agencies are looking at the field and thinking about ways to address issues like patient privacy. We are reaching an inflection point where access to informative and reliable resources will become increasingly important. As AI in healthcare advances, the J-Clinic blog will be our venue for sharing vital information and our perspective on the field.

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