Announcing the MIT Participation Agreement with Janssen R&D Data Science


Photo: Courtesy of Jameel Clinic

We're pleased to notify you that we have reached an agreement for an inaugural collaboration agreement with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). This anchor agreement will provide a framework for future collaborations between MIT and Janssen R&D Data Science. The Janssen R&D Data Science team and MIT will collaborate on the development and application of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities to advance drug discovery, diagnosis of disease, development of treatments, prediction of treatment response, development of novel biomarkers, clinical trial optimization, medical imaging, among other projects. Centered within the MIT Abdul Latif Jameel Clinic for Machine Learning in Health (Jameel Clinic), the partnership will leverage the combined expertise of both organizations and is supported by Janssen R&D Data Science’s one-year investment (with the potential for an extension).


The Janssen-MIT Program will work with MIT faculty, students, researchers, and staff across the Institute who are working at the intersection of AI and human health, ensuring that they can devote their energies to expanding the limits of knowledge and imagination. The new program will coalesce disparate disciplines, merge theory and practical implementation, combine algorithm and hardware innovations, and create multidimensional collaborations between academia and industry.


This new agreement is the steppingstone towards larger collaborations with MIT, with the intention of expanding the scope to participate in sponsored research opportunities to achieve even greater results. Educational programs offered through Jameel Clinic will provide the Janssen R&D Data Science team with the ability to learn from and engage with some of MIT's faculty while bolstering individual and organizational learning in integrating AI and machine learning technologies into practical and applied healthcare solutions.


Najat Khan is the executive sponsor of this collaboration from Janssen.


We are pleased to be starting this impactful work in partnership with MIT. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions.