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The Jameel Clinic-AI Hospital Network

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We believe that AI presents a powerful opportunity to tackle challenges faced by health care systems worldwide. Together with Wellcome Trust, MIT Jameel Clinic is teaming up with hospitals around the globe to bring AI into mainstream healthcare. In providing free access to an array of cutting-edge AI tools, we hope to contribute the unique expertise of Jameel Clinic researchers to empower healthcare systems by accelerating the mainstream usage of AI tools on a global scale.

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Bringing the power of AI to healthcare

MIT Jameel Clinic was founded in 2018 with the mission of democratizing AI in healthcare. That year, Jameel Clinic AI faculty lead Regina Barzilay and PhD student Adam Yala were developing a deep learning breast cancer risk assessment tool called Mirai that could perform consistently across globally diverse populations. Two years later, Mirai would become the most advanced breast cancer risk assessment tool and the very first clinical AI tool developed with the support of MIT Jameel Clinic that was mature enough to deploy in clinical settings.

Wellcome Trust, with its goal of delivering state-of-the-art healthcare to underserved populations, offered their support to Jameel Clinic to bring tools like Mirai to hospitals around the world. But Mirai is only the beginning — we are continuing to support the development of an array of clinical AI tools using breakthrough technology that can be readily deployed in the near future.


Year invented: 2020

Tool Type

Breast Cancer Risk Assessment Tool

How It Works

Uses noninvasive a deep learning system to detect breast cancer in mammograms up to 5 years in advance.


Year invented: 2021

Tool Type

Lung Cancer Risk Assessment Tool

How It Works

Uses a noninvasive deep learning system to detect lung cancer in low-dose CT scans up to 6 years in advance.

Potter Short-term Morbidity & Short-term Mortality

Year invented: 2018

Tool Type

Emergency Surgery Risk Assessment Tool (Operations)

How It Works

Uses an interpretable Optimal classification tree to predict mortality risk after emergency surgery

In Development

Year invented: 2022

Tool Type

Prostate Risk Assessment Tool

Tool Type

Pancreatic Cancer Risk Assessment Tool


Starting a collaboration
Our Values

Learning from large scale deployment

Clinician & patient involvement

Assessing impact of AI by measuring patient outcomes

Close collaboration with clinicians

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Partner Spotlights
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Dr. Grasiela Benini, MD

Head of Mastology & Mastology Residency Program Coordinator/Santa Marcelina Hospital

Dr. Arnaldo Marín, PhD

Faculty of Medicine/Department of Basic and Clinical Oncology/University of Chile

Dr. Luz Fernanda Sua Villegas, MD, PhD

Pathologist/Fundación Valle del Lili

Dr. Horacio Lozano-Zalce, MD

Chief of Imaging Department/Hospital Ángeles Lomas

"The implementation of AI in Hospital Santa Marcelina is the pilot for the understanding of the benefits and difficulties of a risk-based screening program vs. a traditional age-based program. Our goal is to have a risk-based screening program available to all Public Health patients in Brazil. Our journey is just starting!"

“In Chile, there are no cancer screening policies as defined by the WHO, only recommendations and for some types of cancers, financial coverage for the
population. Therefore, there are tremendous opportunities regarding cancer prevention and early detection, especially for lower income people.”

“For patients with breast cancer, learning about the pathology can help them regain control of their lives, especially when they are shown the hopeful data of healing and recovery.”

“Widespread awareness of benefits of AI technology will increase the level of trust of referring physicians and patients regarding imaging tests.”

Our Stories
Behind-the-Scenes: Building Sybil

By Alex Ouyang

Researchers at MIT and Mass General Brigham decided to take on the second most common cancer in the world with the highest mortality rate by building a lung cancer risk assessment tool powered by deep learning.

Jameel Clinic at MIT and Wellcome launch Jameel Clinic AI Hospital Network

By Community Jameel

The Jameel Clinic, the epicentre of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), co-founded by MIT and Community Jameel in 2018, announced today, in partnership with Wellcome, the launch of the Jameel Clinic AI Hospital Network.

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Is artificial intelligence about to transform the mammogram?

An MIT researcher who survived breast cancer has devised a technique that seems to predict many breast cancer cases

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The downside of machine learning in health care

Assistant Professor Marzyeh Ghassemi explores how hidden biases in medical data could compromise artificial intelligence approaches.

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Robust artificial intelligence tools to predict future cancer

Researchers created a risk-assessment algorithm that shows consistent performance across datasets from US, Europe, and Asia.

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April 24, 2023 | MIT


December 20, 2022 | Jameel Art Centre, Dubai


April 25, 2022 | MIT

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Regina Barzilay

AI Faculty Lead

Rectangle 57.png

Dimitris Bertsimas

Entrepreneurial Faculty Lead

PXL_20210409_224204892_1 1.png

Marzyeh Ghassemi

Assistant Professor


Ashia Wilson

Assistant Professor

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Adam Yala

Research Affiliate


Peter Mikhael

Research Affiliate


Shrooq Alsenan

Jameel Clinic Postdoctoral Fellow

prof_pic 1.png

Vinith Suriyakumar

Wellcome Trust Fellow


Aziz Ayed

Software Engineer

Guy Zylberberg 1_edited.jpg

Guy Zylberberg

Software Engineer

Photo Nacer 2.png

Nacer Mami

Regional Lead

Clinical Network Coordination

Application Form

Thank you for your interest in our clinical AI deployment initiative!

We provide:

  • Access to a collection of clinical AI tools across multiple therapeutic areas

  • Support to the hospital’s IT organization during employment and use

  • Establish a system for regular feedback reporting to MIT

  • Access to educational resources on clinical AI developed at MIT Jameel Clinic

  • Access to conferences and seminars organized by MIT Jameel Clinic

  • Opportunity to collaborate and co-author research publications with MIT faculty and students

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